Cornelia Sojdelius

O Universe

 27 jan-22 feb 2017

O Universe relays on and extracts from the torrential stream of images from the universe Cornelia Sojdelius receives by subscribing to ESA's(European Space Agency) news letter. Images she transforms into portraits of some of the most peculiar inhabitants of the universe.  

O Universe tar avstamp i den strida ström av bilder från universum Cornelia Sojdelius får genom att prenumerera på ESAs (European Space Agency) nyhetsbrev. Dessa bilder omvandlar hon till  porträtt av några av universums mest besynnerliga invånare.

“O Universe, please save me from loneliness. Absorb my body and dissolve the obsessions of my mind. Let me disappear into your vastness, never again object to human conditions. Break my flesh and scatter my molecules onto your billions of stars. Let the weak, lonely photons from your cold planets touch my skin and soothe my condition. Use me in your gatherings and gases. Eat my soul and spit me out to be part of your eternal community and never let me go, forever and ever. Amen.”

cornelia sojdelius, 1966 - present

NGC 1140 - galactic nursery:
irregular formed dwarf galaxy in the constellation of Eridanus, 60 million light years away, currently undergoing a starburst. It’s composition makes it similar to the intensely star-forming galaxies in the early universe.

IRAS 19312 + 1950 - not your typical protostar:
located over 12 000 light-years away. This star shows conflicting signs of being both extremely old and extremely young.

3C 348 (Hercules A) - supermassive black hole:
elliptical galaxy with two jets of hot, high-energy plasma that has been flung from the centre of Hercules C, a process driven by a supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy......”

iridiscent_mercury/ let the weak lonely photons from your cold planets soothe my condition, 2016, 50 x 100 cm, acrylic and oil on canvas

sketch iridiscent_mercury/ let the weak lonely photons from your cold planets soothe my condition, 2016, 30 x 21 cm, pastel chalk and pencil on paper